How much does a water leak detector cost?

One of the things we loved about the D-Link hub in our tests was how quickly it alerted us when it ran out of power. Unfortunately, those same superpowers don't extend to sensor pods. When additional sensors lose power, the app doesn't warn you directly, which we think is a problem. Although you can see that the sensor is disconnected in the app, you must first look at the app to realize it.

There is also a long delay before the app notifies you approximately 48 hours, according to our tests. We know that sensor pods remain in low-power mode to conserve battery life, but the response time should be faster and the app should send a notification to the smartphone as soon as possible. If the above recommendations don't work for you, here are the specs and features you'll want to consider when buying a smart home water leak detector. The price of the leak detection service will also increase if any special equipment is needed to repair it, such as acoustic tools.

Govee systems are expandable and allow you to add up to 10 water sensors for more complete protection (this package comes with a three-sensor package). You can place battery-powered leak sensors anywhere susceptible to water damage, such as pipes, sump pumps, washing machines, and toilets. Inside the device is a water flow sensor, as well as some interesting algorithms that can detect leaks throughout the house based on water pressure. Electricity cannot travel between the two contacts in dry conditions, leaving the circuit incomplete until it touches a conductive fluid such as water.

Unlike Flo by Moen, there is no complementary automatic water shut-off valve for this Resideo leak detector, so turning off the water during a flood is more complicated. Many modern detectors combine humidity sensors and leak detection to automatically close the valves and prevent you from returning home with a large, watery disaster. While you can purchase the Leaksmart through online retailers, the company recommends that you purchase it through a licensed plumber (opens in a new tab). Still, it doesn't have a complementary shutoff valve like some competitors, so you have to turn off the water supply during a flood manually.

Despite its low price, Kangaroo manages to include humidity and temperature sensors along with water detection capabilities. However, you can mute water notifications just by drying the device first, which can be tricky if it is, for example, under a washing machine. There is also no audible alarm on this unit, so you need a mobile app to know when the toilet is leaking.

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